Brand Story, Visual Identity, TVC

The challenge.

The objective of the campaign was to successfully introduce the new product Grippostad Complex to the market as a useful addition to Grippostad’s range of cold remedies and to address new target groups.

The insight.

The campaign is continues the successful Grippostad C commercial from the previous year: After the wedding, the groom disappears from the back seat of the car with a sneeze – and finds himself sick at home. But the fast effect of Grippostad Complex gets the groom back to where he needs to be.

Narration, staging, editing:  this TVC was designed to emphasize the fast and reliable head- and nose-clearing effect of the new product. The second main focus was on the staging of the likeable wedding couple, who with their charming tongue-in-cheek manner serve as a relatable emotional anchor.

The campaign’s social media clips exaggerate the narrative even further: attention-grabbing, with lots of humor, creatively staged and perfectly tailored to the respective target platforms. This results in an even younger and fresher appearance, that perfectly serves the viewing habits of the younger generation.

The result.

The 360-degree campaign ensured a successful appearance of the new launch on the TV, radio, in print ads, at the point-of-sale and in an Apo TV spot.