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You have an affinity for words and are able to easily translate the world around you in written content. You can define and bring the essence of various themes to light while also having an understanding of how to personalize it to specific target groups and communication channels by using the right tonality and language. A spontaneous challenge is as much as fun as bouncing ideas around with your team. If you are a doer that always strives to be a part of the solution and you believe in your passion then stop wasting time and come prove it.


You are drawn to all things creative and you have a constant urge to be a part of the creative process. The world around you is your inspiration and you are in touch with the latest trends in all areas of it. Curiosity and diversity are important drivers for you, still, you understand the importance of learning the rules before breaking them. You are structured, consistent, and independent and you know that the idea is only as great as the team bringing it to life. If you dare challenge yourself constantly and be part of the process you so passionately live for then stop not dreaming and come prove it.

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