Brand Story, Social Media, Web Design

The challenge.

Tap into a broader and younger target audience and build a loyal community.

The insight.

For years, it wasn’t much more than a secret of the party crowd: By giving us the electrolytes we need, Elotrans not only helps us when we deal with diarrhea. But how do you make this secret known to broader audience without investing big marketing budgets?


Our solution: we created a funny meme-campaign around the headline “when you realize that Elotrans® was meant to be taken when you have diarrhea”, gathering laughs and likes from those in the know and sparking the interest of those who didn’t know about the added benefits of Elotrans. In parallel, we built up the Elotrans® community on Instagram with meme-based content, stickers, gifs and everything they needed to have fun with the brand and expanded our reach to the offline world with merchandising like t-shirts and adhesive tattoos.

The result.

This unique campaign lead to staggering results: Starting with unpaid features by podcasts and influencers inspired by our campaign, people began to recognize the brand and a fast growing very active community emerged. The awareness skyrocketed to a point where the brand got featured in newspaper articles and the biggest german primetime news show – and sold-out Elotrans® in Germany for months.