Triple Perform.

Strategy, Social Media

The challenge.

TRIPLE PERFORM is a fitness innovation with collagen that has not been available in this form on the German sports nutrition market. Eigler took over the planning and implementation of an influencer campaign for the launch of the new product as well as the development and long- term expansion of the brand’s social media presence.

The goal was therefore, in addition to the launch of a completely new product on the German market, to build the new brand with maximum credibility of the product, channel growth and sales.

The insight.

Elaboration of content strategy and brand story that goes beyond rational factors and involves emotionally. Development of the brand manifesto as the basis for the influencer briefing and brand content. Based on this, the influencers were recruited and the implementation and management of the campaign was taken over. In addition, the selected influencers received a workshop to be trained as collagen-experts and brand ambassadors.

The result.

Successful implementation of the influencer campaign with a mix of micro- and nano-influencers, from which brand ambassadors and long-term collaborations could be identified. 

The influencers made honest, authentic and, above all, personal recommendations to their communities on a very high level of trust, which enabled maximum credibility to be achieved. In general, it was possible to recruit influencers who were of high quality and relevant to the brand, with expertise and thus credibility: Sports scientists, professional athletes, sports physicians, Diverse sports represented by amateur athletes, etc.
TRIPLE PERFORM shows a dynamic growth since implementation of the strategy.