Brand Story, Visual Identity.

The challenge.

The goal was to develop a brand story and visual identity for the new beauty brand salted.

The developed brand positioning is based on the basic product idea: salted offers facial care products with natural ingredients from the sea. 

The insight.

NOT JUST ANOTHER BEAUTY BRAND: to be successful in competition – especially on Instagram – product attributes are not enough. What is needed today are involving brand stories that address a very specific target group and offer them a platform for identification.
Positioning the brand for the generation of young women who want to work with fearless uniqueness to make the world around them a better place. In doing so, we make the brand name a statement for this generation. F**K SWEET. BE SALTED.

The result.

An emotional imagery was derived from this manifesto, which is also a factor in the recipe for success. The emotional staging of natural young women and ocean images conveys a naturalness that fits excellently with the attributes of the brand as well as its mission to offer sustainable, natural and effective facial care that does justice to the uniqueness of its consumers. All of this has resulted in an extremely successful overall package that convinces the target group, which shows the dynamic growth of the brand since the implementation of the strategy.