Communication, Social Media

The challenge.

In this case POMÉLO charged us with the beautiful and challenging task of coming up with a concept that would not only strengthen the brands already existing positioning and identity but also generate awareness and rekindle the spark in its community.

The insight.

In a world of insecurities generated by social influence and idealistic standards we decided to make a statement, by giving your hair a voice and telling you to #bebold.

Your hair has its own personality. Getting to know it and accept it, befriend it and love it, care for it and understand it is a process. POMELO knows all that, which is why we decided that the best way to show it is to let the hair tell the story!

“Hair stories” aims to celebrate and empower individuality while emphasizing positive characteristics between unique personalities, lifestyles, and types of hair.

The result.

4 video cuts in 4 locations with 4 women and their individual hair stories – all connected throughout. A photo shooting that tells their stories in stills while generating enough material to bring all necessary assets under one visual identity.

The result is a statement campaign that managed to consolidate the brands positioning by instating a strong sense of purpose and community among its followers. It generated strong beautiful reactions from insightful self discovery and acceptance to impactful confidence growth.