TVC, POS, Print, Social Media

The challenge.

Create a 360 campaign based on the new modernized Grippostad brand strategy developed by our strategy team and STADA: Grippostad – created to make difference.

The insight.

We don’t take products like Grippostad just to keep on functioning: We take them so the cold does not stop us from caring for others and doing what we love to to do. And that’s where the main benefit of Grippostad truly lies: It enables us to keep on being an everyday hero – without losing our superpowers.



Based on this insight, we created a campaign with three protagonists and a modern visual twist: The camera keeps circling around our protagonists, connecting the world of being healthy and the world of being sick seamlessly – in a very memorable and entertaining way.



In social media, we produced differing assets starring our three protagonists for finely targeted communication.

The result.

The campaign resulted in a significant sales uplift for Grippostad – and even the making off materials reached millions of organic views in social media.